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"I am more then pleased with the web site that your company has put up so people like myself can go and search for a job, I am recently finished College with my Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources and I can't tell you that when I went into your companies website that I knew I would get all the information as to how place and manage my resume in this site so again thabk you for your time and effort in helping me to place my resume and coverletter."

Luzmaria R.

Bronx, NY
"This was a very helpful website. My wife was looking for a job and went on several interviews because of this website."

Dustin D.

Kansas City, KS
"Wow! I have never recieved so many responses to my resume in such a short amount of time. The Regional Blast is really very effective for a new comer looking for work in a new area. "

Kisha W.

"I hire resulted in a number of inquiries for interviews. I appreciate the efforts of I Hire!,"

John B.

Sugar Land, TX
"I just got ideas about what is available in my area."

Cheyenne, WY
"I had listed my resume on this site and was contacted from the perfect match employer 5 minutes from my home!!! Thanks I-Hire"

Sara S.

Oak Park, IL
"When I sought out a resume writer, I had no idea what to expect. I knew my resume didn't represent me well after all my years of self-employment and I was at a loss how to put it together. Natalie outdid my highest expectations. I was blown away with the very first draft. Everyone I showed it to was impressed. When I went on interviews they hardly asked me any questions, they simply said your resume speaks for itself. My new resume has given me extra added confidence and respect. For that, to Natalie, I will forever be grateful. She was so very patient and gave me unlimited revisions and support. In my opinion before going on your job search, having Natalie redo your resume and be in your corner is must!"

Sandy D. - Speech-Language Pathologist

New York, NY
"Thanks a million!!!! I sincerely do appreciate the details and management of your website!!!! Not only have I found an employer who is supportive but also kind to listen to my needs. I sure would love to recommend your site to any person in the Rehab field........"

Aaron T.

Union, NJ
"Thank you for your assistance in my job search and may God bless you all at iHire."

Aaron A.

"I found the right job with iHireTherapy. The job listings were the most beneficial to my search. "

Lisa Werner

Genesee, PA
"there certainly were numerous resources to prepare the resume and multiple job listings per my vocation in the appropriate geographical area. so it was filtered correctly."

Grant M.

South Boston, VA
"I think this good service to help people looking for work. I am looking toward finding a good job with website."

Maritane S.

Brooklyn, NY
"Helped get my resume in perfect order which I strongly feel helped me land my dream job!"

Leslie P.

Medford, OR
"At first I was hesitant to pay for a site to look for a job considering there are free ones out there. But this one was ideal for my profession. It helped me get the job so it was worth the money. They had jobs posted every week, usually multiple times too. I contacted an employer through email, then interviewed and recieved the job. Thanks for having a site dedicated to therapy for Therapists to look in one place for a job. "

Melody K.

Grand Rapids, MI
"My testimonial is about your site, your site is so great. I had a close friend that was job hunting online for a Massage Therapist Job Opening. He heard somebody from the school that he was going to say something about So what he did was went on the site to check out. While he was checking it out he saw that Chicago, Illinois has plenty of sites and offices to fax his resume to. He faxed his resume to the first job opening that he saw, not even two days passed and the company called him and the manage set up a interview for him that next day. The day after his interview he started working, so what I am saying is your site has found my friend a job and if I pass the word around about this job then you will be in luck.....From what I saw, I wouldn't mind using your site as a search engine for job openings for entry-level Massage Therapists."

Jimmie H.

Gary, IN