Professional Rehabilitation Services

Professional Rehabilitation Services

Professional Rehabilitation Services offices are owned and operated by Licensed Physical Therapists. Due to the diversity of our office locations, we are able to service the entire Lowcountry, Grand Strand, Conway, Carolina Forest, and Little River communities in any one of our 9 convenient locations.

Because we are owned and operated by Licensed Physical Therapists, we boast a dynamic practice - one that is fueled by continual education that makes each of our therapists experts in different aspects of physical therapy. Our therapists have certifications in Manual Therapy, Spinal Manipulation, Active Release Techniques, Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Sports Therapy, Certified Strength & Conditioning, Workers' Compensation, and Dry Needling. It is not enough simply to provide generic physical therapy services. Patients deserve the best, and to that point, we believe the best physical therapists are the ones who are driven to continually improve their knowledge and skills, driven to meet every new challenge and give every individual the right rehabilitation program for their needs.

Because we are therapist owned and operated, we can focus directly on what the patient needs, rather than on a corporate driven bottom line!

At Professional Rehabilitation Services, we address the root causes rather than treating the symptoms. We combine our background and education in biomechanics, evidence-based medicine and clinical expertise to identify the patient's dysfunction. Then, utilizing specialized manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise and physical therapy modalities, we establish an individualized plan of care to improve the patient's injury and functional deficit.

Our philosophy of individualized and personal care allows us to provide the highest quality of service to all of our patients. Treatments are centered on the patient's goals to maximize function and achieve long lasting results returning each patient to a healthier life. We are well respected amongst our colleagues, physicians, the community, and our patients and it shows through our results!

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