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PURPOSE:  GSI employees protect life and property through mitigation of geohazards in Canada, New Zealand and the United States.  They are expected to respond with full physical ability and mental competency any time of the day or night.  They are trained in geohazard recognition, identification and engineering design; in equipment operation and maintenance; and in the multiple skills required to scale rocks from high cliffs; to go underground to reinforce tunnels; to stabilize failing bridge foundations; to stop active landslides and many more highly specialized tasks that are included with on-the-job mitigation of geohazards.


GSI’s Mission to protect people and infrastructure from the dangers of geohazards requires team members that are functioning at their best.  GSI’s employees, from the founders to the newest Level 1 Technician, including our administrative and managerial staff, need physical and mental strength to initiate this critical mission and stamina to continue the mission to completion over the long term. Proper strength and conditioning prepares us with the physical strength to safely move objects, the stamina to stay till the job is done, and the mental coherence and clarity to make good decisions and to lead teams in a safe and efficient manner.


Physical and mental strength training and conditioning are inseparable and also intertwined with sleep habits, nutrition, stress reduction and related lifestyle habits.


POSITION DESCRIPTION:   The Strength, Conditioning and Fitness Position  both designs and implements full-scale strength and conditioning programs.  He/She will develop exercise routines and suggest nutritional choices; provide information to improve sleep quality and stress reduction techniques; and ergonomic reviews for desks and other work stations.  This position will supervise exercise sessions and may track individual progress to adjust exercise plans accordingly.  Most of this work will take place with crews in the field.  Instruction will include adapting routines to locations without formal equipment, the best use of hotel exercise facilities, and how to utilize fitness centers while traveling.  The incumbent will also suggest ways to better utilize local food sources or to prepare foods on the job or in the hotel.  They will have an active role in GSI’s tobacco cessation initiative, the voluntary alcohol cessation initiative and consult on any supplements that may be of use for various situations (for example, proper electrolytes during work at high temperatures).


The incumbent will have an open door for phone and email inquiries and maintain an active web site with appropriate information, advice and tips.  The Strength incumbent will report unsatisfactory work routines, schedules, and conditions that encumber or limit a GSI employee’s ability to perform his or her roles with full capacity.


This position reports to the COO, with dashed-line reporting to both he CEO and the founders.  Individual employee participation is encouraged but is not a condition of employment.


Relocation is not required; however Denver would be the most efficient home office.  Salary and benefits are negotiable.     

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