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What Employers Look for When Hiring for Therapist Jobs

You can find plenty of therapist jobs available all across the country and for various specialties — whether it’s audiology, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, massage, or another. However, knowing you’ll be able to ace the interview and get the job can feel like a whole different ballgame. If becoming a therapist is your goal, it’s important to know what hiring managers are looking for when it comes to hiring for therapist jobs.


1. Hiring managers are looking for strong resumes and cover letters.

Remember, when you’re looking for a new job, resumes and cover letters are the first impressions you’re going to give a hiring manager. Before you even get in the door, they’ll be looking at your information on a piece of paper. So, you want to know how to become a therapist after achieving the necessary training and credentials? Make sure you put your best foot forward with your resume and cover letter.

Your cover letter is the place where you will show passion and excitement for the position as well as a desire to work at this particular facility. Without passion, your information won’t stand out from the hundreds of other applicants with similar credentials. We offer advice on writing a good cover letter as well as information about what your cover letter should include.


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2. Hiring managers are looking for warmth.

According to Business Insider, almost all hiring managers — whether they’ll admit it or not — are looking for some kind of connection with the employees they choose to hire. A likability factor is always present in a job interview, no matter what the position or skill set. In addition, this factor is even more important when you’re applying for therapist jobs, as you’re going to be working with the public as well as with people who are dealing with serious issues, times of crisis, physical rehabilitation, etc.

Having a kind and caring air will go a long way if you want to get the job of your choice. Also, this warmth will serve you well in professional therapy, so if it’s something you struggle with, make sure you work at it like you would any other skill.


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3. Hiring managers are looking for the ability to communicate clearly and concisely.

When hiring managers are looking for someone on the brink of becoming a therapist, the ability to break down information is crucial. Again, you will be working with the general public and will often need to explain to them what is necessary for their health and wellbeing. It helps if you can do this in a warm and comfortable way, but the ability to get the information across is also key.

You can show this in an interview by taking the time to answer questions about yourself and your experience calmly and thoughtfully without throwing in long-winded technical explanations, which, while flashy, might be a red flag to your potential employer.


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4. Hiring managers are looking for innovation.

In many cases, everyone who is vying for these therapist jobs will have qualifications similar to yours. Everyone will know the methods, and everyone will possess the skills. A way you can set yourself apart and give your hiring manager something new to consider is to show them you can think outside the box. This is highly necessary due to the fact that every client’s situation will be different, and your manager will need to know you can move from theory to practice, which will require the ability to devise new ideas.


Becoming a therapist at any facility you choose is possible when you know what sets you apart and how to display it. We offer plenty of career advice in order to help you land the job of your dreams.

By iHire | May 23, 2019
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